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Buy Handmade Jewellery in London

Explore our stunning lineup of handmade jewellery designed for all the special and everyday moments. From stylish earrings to unique rings, we've created a collection of pieces that'll complete any look.

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Simple triangle stud
Simple triangle stud Sale priceFrom €120,95
Simple circle stud
Simple circle stud Sale priceFrom €120,95
Opal stud
Opal stud Sale priceFrom €120,95
White topaz stud
White topaz stud Sale priceFrom €120,95
Amethyst stud
Amethyst stud Sale priceFrom €120,95
Black onyx stud
Black onyx stud Sale priceFrom €120,95
Green onyx stud
Green onyx stud Sale priceFrom €120,95
Four prong White Topaz studFour prong White Topaz stud
Four prong White Topaz stud Sale priceFrom €69,95
Cubic Pearl Clip On EarringsCubic Pearl Clip On Earrings
Cubic Pearl Clip On Earrings Sale price€56,95
Angled knot drop clip on earringsAngled knot drop clip on earrings
Triple Daisy Cubic Clip On EarringsTriple Daisy Cubic Clip On Earrings
Laurel pearl drop clip on earringsLaurel pearl drop clip on earrings
Elegant Pearl drop earringsElegant Pearl drop earrings
Elegant Pearl drop earrings Sale price€60,95
Daisy Cubic Clip on EarringsDaisy Cubic Clip on Earrings
Daisy Cubic Clip on Earrings Sale price€44,95
Double Cubic Ear CuffDouble Cubic Ear Cuff
Double Cubic Ear Cuff Sale price€27,95
Flower Dangle Ear CuffFlower Dangle Ear Cuff
Flower Dangle Ear Cuff Sale price€35,95
Opal stud earringsOpal stud earrings
Opal stud earrings Sale priceFrom €31,95
Chunky heart stud earringsChunky heart stud earrings
Chunky heart stud earrings Sale priceFrom €44,95
Clover Sparkle Stud EarringsClover Sparkle Stud Earrings
Clover Sparkle Stud Earrings Sale priceFrom €35,95
Chunky Beans Pearl EarringsChunky Beans Pearl Earrings
Chunky Beans Pearl Earrings Sale price€158,95
Moonstone Flower Ear CuffMoonstone Flower Ear Cuff
Moonstone Flower Ear Cuff Sale price€35,95
Vine With Butterfly Ear CuffVine With Butterfly Ear Cuff
Vine With Butterfly Ear Cuff Sale price€31,95
Teddy Bear Ear CuffTeddy Bear Ear Cuff
Teddy Bear Ear Cuff Sale price€27,95
Simple Ear CuffSimple Ear Cuff
Simple Ear Cuff Sale price€19,95
Butterfly Flower Ear CuffButterfly Flower Ear Cuff
Butterfly Flower Ear Cuff Sale price€31,95
Moon Ear CuffMoon Ear Cuff
Moon Ear Cuff Sale price€31,95
Blue Flower Ear CuffBlue Flower Ear Cuff
Blue Flower Ear Cuff Sale price€31,95
Rainbow Gem Ear CuffRainbow Gem Ear Cuff
Rainbow Gem Ear Cuff Sale price€35,95
Infinity Butterfly CuffInfinity Butterfly Cuff
Infinity Butterfly Cuff Sale price€31,95
Butterfly And Cubic Flower CuffButterfly And Cubic Flower Cuff
Chandelier Chain Effect CuffChandelier Chain Effect Cuff
Chandelier Chain Effect Cuff Sale price€22,95
Cubic Circle Stud earringsCubic Circle Stud earrings
Cubic Circle Stud earrings Sale price€48,95
Moonstone Double Circle Stud earringsMoonstone Double Circle Stud earrings
Cubic angled heart earringsCubic angled heart earrings
Cubic angled heart earrings Sale price€44,95
Simple Sparkle Semi-Hoop EarringsSimple Sparkle Semi-Hoop Earrings
Turquoise Blossom Butterfly RingTurquoise Blossom Butterfly Ring
Pink cubic flower ringPink cubic flower ring
Pink cubic flower ring Sale price€44,95
Branch Crawler Drop EarringsBranch Crawler Drop Earrings
Branch Crawler Drop Earrings Sale price€60,95
Diamond Teardrop EarringsDiamond Teardrop Earrings
Diamond Teardrop Earrings Sale price€48,95
Triple Layer Semi-Hoop earringsTriple Layer Semi-Hoop earrings
Flower Shape EarringsFlower Shape Earrings
Flower Shape Earrings Sale price€48,95
Butterfly Pearl Dangle EarringsButterfly Pearl Dangle Earrings
Flower Silhouette EarringsFlower Silhouette Earrings
Flower Silhouette Earrings Sale price€35,95
Cubic Dangle Semi-Hoop EarringsCubic Dangle Semi-Hoop Earrings
Tiny Flower Sparkle EarringsTiny Flower Sparkle Earrings
Tiny Flower Sparkle Earrings Sale price€69,95
Sparkle Crawler earringsSparkle Crawler earrings
Sparkle Crawler earrings Sale price€48,95
Green onyx Chandelier Chain Dangle EarringsGreen onyx Chandelier Chain Dangle Earrings
White topaz Chandelier Chain Dangle EarringsWhite topaz Chandelier Chain Dangle Earrings