Berry gemstone necklaceBerry gemstone necklace

Berry gemstone necklace

Cubic laurel leaves ringCubic laurel leaves ring

Cubic laurel leaves ring

6mm huggie earring6mm huggie earring

6mm huggie earring

From €17,95
Rose quartz laurel ringRose quartz laurel ring

Rose quartz laurel ring

Pastel laurel ringPastel laurel ring

Pastel laurel ring

8mm huggie earring8mm huggie earring

8mm huggie earring

From €23,95
Colourful saturn earringsColourful saturn earrings

Colourful saturn earrings

Pastel semi-hoop earringsPastel semi-hoop earrings

Pastel semi-hoop earrings

Pastel rainbow ringPastel rainbow ring

Pastel rainbow ring

Saturn cubic stud earringsSaturn cubic stud earrings

Saturn cubic stud earrings

CZ green relay ringCZ green relay ring

CZ green relay ring

10mm huggie earring10mm huggie earring

10mm huggie earring

From €29,95
Rose quartz branch ringRose quartz branch ring

Rose quartz branch ring

cubic square relay ringcubic square relay ring

cubic square relay ring

Cloud drop earringsCloud drop earrings

Cloud drop earrings

Saturn moon earringsSaturn moon earrings

Saturn moon earrings

Cubic branch climber earringsCubic branch climber earrings

Cubic branch climber earrings

Wing drop earringsWing drop earrings

Wing drop earrings

Moon and star stud earringsMoon and star stud earrings

Moon and star stud earrings

Cubic wing drop earringsCubic wing drop earrings

Cubic wing drop earrings

Moon cubic moonstone ringMoon cubic moonstone ring

Moon cubic moonstone ring

Moon star ringMoon star ring

Moon star ring

Cubic Butterfly Earrings

Cubic Butterfly Earrings

Pink butterfly ringPink butterfly ring

Pink butterfly ring

Cubic branch ringCubic branch ring

Cubic branch ring

Triple cubic across ringTriple cubic across ring

Triple cubic across ring

Moonstone saturn ringMoonstone saturn ring

Moonstone saturn ring

AB cubic laurel ringAB cubic laurel ring

AB cubic laurel ring

Flower dangle vine ringFlower dangle vine ring

Flower dangle vine ring

Curved cubic leaves earringsCurved cubic leaves earrings

Curved cubic leaves earrings

Rose quartz saturn earringsRose quartz saturn earrings

Rose quartz saturn earrings

Cubic Crescent Moon RingCubic Crescent Moon Ring

Cubic Crescent Moon Ring

Cubic blue circle earringsCubic blue circle earrings

Cubic blue circle earrings

Berry braceletBerry bracelet

Berry bracelet

Laurel cubic ringLaurel cubic ring

Laurel cubic ring

puzzle Earringspuzzle Earrings
Sold out

puzzle Earrings

Pink pearl ringPink pearl ring

Pink pearl ring

Circle cubic bunch earringsCircle cubic bunch earrings

Circle cubic bunch earrings

Mini moon star ringMini moon star ring

Mini moon star ring

Flower AB cubic ringFlower AB cubic ring

Flower AB cubic ring


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