Relay gemstone braceletRelay gemstone bracelet

Relay gemstone bracelet

Shape of ring necklaceShape of ring necklace

Shape of ring necklace

Polished ringPolished ring

Polished ring

Triple drops necklaceTriple drops necklace

Triple drops necklace

Epoxy heart earringsEpoxy heart earrings

Epoxy heart earrings

Epoxy heart barbellEpoxy heart barbell

Epoxy heart barbell

Cubic oval huggie earringsCubic oval huggie earrings

Cubic oval huggie earrings

Slim huggie earring (7 sizes)Slim huggie earring (7 sizes)

Slim huggie earring (7 sizes)

From €86,95
8mm / 12mm thin huggie earring8mm / 12mm thin huggie earring

8mm / 12mm thin huggie earring

From €60,95
Bold one touch earringsBold one touch earrings

Bold one touch earrings

Apple barbellApple barbell

Apple barbell

Cherry barbellCherry barbell

Cherry barbell

Bold wave ringBold wave ring

Bold wave ring

From €431,95
15mm knot huggie earrings (pair) - NABILONDON15mm knot huggie earrings (pair) - NABILONDON

15mm knot huggie earrings (pair)

Fresh water pearl barbell - NABILONDONFresh water pearl barbell - NABILONDON

Fresh water pearl barbell

From €86,95
Lock heart ring - NABILONDONLock heart ring - NABILONDON

Lock heart ring

Ribbon cubic ring - NABILONDONRibbon cubic ring - NABILONDON

Ribbon cubic ring

5mm cubic huggie - NABILONDON5mm cubic huggie - NABILONDON

5mm cubic huggie earring

From €170,95
Leaf barbell - NABILONDONLeaf barbell - NABILONDON

Leaf barbell

Hook barbell - NABILONDONHook barbell - NABILONDON

Hook barbell

Colour chain bracelet - NABILONDONColour chain bracelet - NABILONDON

Colour chain bracelet

From €344,95
Bold figure ring - NABILONDONBold figure ring - NABILONDON

Bold figure ring

White flower barbell - NABILONDONWhite flower barbell - NABILONDON

White flower barbell

Peach moonstone barbell - NABILONDONPeach moonstone barbell - NABILONDON

Peach moonstone barbell

Cherry earrings - NABILONDONCherry earrings - NABILONDON

Cherry earrings

Labradorite barbellLabradorite barbell

Labradorite barbell

Double line huggie earringDouble line huggie earring

Double line huggie earring

From €166,95
Cupid arrow barbellCupid arrow barbell

Cupid arrow barbell

Scissors barbellScissors barbell

Scissors barbell

Rainbow wing barbellRainbow wing barbell

Rainbow wing barbell

Crystal wing barbell - NABILONDONCrystal wing barbell - NABILONDON

Crystal wing barbell

Cubic butterfly necklaceCubic butterfly necklace - NABILONDON

Cubic butterfly necklace

Wax engraved necklaceWax engraved necklace

Wax engraved necklace

Pipe necklace (2 types)Pipe necklace (2 types)

Pipe necklace (2 types)

From €344,95
Heart huggie earringsHeart huggie earrings

Heart huggie earrings

Circle huggies - NABILONDONCircle huggies - NABILONDON

Circle huggie earrings

Crown ring - NABILONDONCrown ring - NABILONDON

Crown ring

Epoxy heart necklaceEpoxy heart necklace

Epoxy heart necklace

Tree necklaceTree necklace

Tree necklace

Bubble rough diamond ring - NABILONDONBubble rough diamond ring - NABILONDON

Bubble rough diamond ring

Cubic huggie earringsCubic huggie earrings

Cubic huggie earrings

Chain huggie - NABILONDONChain huggie - NABILONDON

Chain huggie earring

From €117,95
Triple baguette huggie earringTriple baguette huggie earring

Triple baguette huggie earring

From €147,95
Floral huggie earringFloral huggie earring

Floral huggie earring

From €147,95
Fresh water pearl huggie earringFresh water pearl huggie earring

Fresh water pearl huggie earring

From €117,95
Clover huggie - NABILONDONClover huggie - NABILONDON

Clover huggie earring

From €98,95
Single cubic huggie earringSingle cubic huggie earring

Single cubic huggie earring

From €98,95

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