Fashion Essentials—Different Bracelets for Every Occasion

Bracelets are often overlooked, but they can look great when worn with necklaces, earrings, and rings. Some of them can complement your rings, their multiple strands working with your fingers to focus your eyes on your hands. Some bracelets can add another accent or colour to draw attention to your outfit.

While some are just for adornment, some are used for other purposes. Some are for medical purposes, like blood pressure level or keeping track of your pulse rate. It is not uncommon to see people who wear medical alert bracelets.

There are also friendship bracelets. These are designed with a specific purpose in mind. It can either be a reminder of a friendship or be given as a token of friendship. In some cases, it’s just for decoration. It is usually a fabric or string bracelet made in many colours and patterns.

Today, let's explore different bracelets that you can use for every occasion!

Here's what you need to know:

Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a single strand of beads, usually with an extension on either end. It is called a tennis bracelet because Joyner and Saks created the first bracelet of this type in the 1960s, and tennis player Chris Evert wore a tennis bracelet. It was her lucky charm and was often worn during tennis matches. Today, many stars are known to favour this type of bracelet.

Thanks to the intricate designs, tennis bracelet designs are considered classier than most bracelets out there. You can buy a tennis bracelet for formal occasions such as a wedding or a cocktail party.


A bangle is a bracelet that has a curvy, round shape. Women usually wear bangles. You might see them worn as an alternative to watches as some women prefer them to reduce the number of accessories they wear.

For some women, bangles are also worn to ward off bad luck. Today, you can buy it in different styles, designs, and materials to fit your preferences. It is best worn on the wrist and can be made of elastic lines, feathers, old coins, and precious stones.


A cuff is a closed bracelet with a clasp at the back. It is usually made of metal and can be designed in different styles depending on the artist. It is not attached to the wrist and can only be worn with the right wrist.

The best part of cuffs is that you can use them with other bracelets without the worry of clashing. This makes it a great jewellery piece to add to your collection, especially if you are on a budget. It is also a great jewellery piece if you prefer variety and can be worn with almost any attire.

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a bracelet that has plenty of beads to remind you of your loved ones and possessions. Charm bracelets are designed with a specific character in mind—like a heart to symbolise love, a ring as a wedding symbol, or a cross to represent faith.

It is a versatile bracelet, as you can purchase charms that suit your personality. It can be worn with almost any attire.

Final Thoughts

There are many types of bracelets out there. Whether you choose a large bangle, a tennis bracelet, a charm bracelet, or a cuff, bracelets can add more style to your outfit. A bracelet can make your outfit look complete without adding more necklaces or earrings.

With all of the options available, you can easily get the perfect piece. Speaking of options, you know where to buy the right one!

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