Double circles bracelet - NABILONDONDouble circles bracelet
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Double circles bracelet

Snowflake braceletSnowflake bracelet

Snowflake bracelet

Cross drop bracelet - NABILONDONCross drop bracelet

Cross drop bracelet

Black spinel bracelet - NABILONDONBlack spinel bracelet

Black spinel bracelet

Relay pearls braceletRelay pearls bracelet

Relay pearls bracelet

Sequin circle braceletSequin circle bracelet
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Sequin circle bracelet

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Plain bar braceletPlain bar bracelet

Plain bar bracelet

Chain bracelet - NABILONDONChain bracelet

Chain bracelet

Oval chain braceletOval chain bracelet

Oval chain bracelet

Snake braceletSnake bracelet

Snake bracelet

Simple Chain BraceletSimple Chain Bracelet

Simple Chain Bracelet

Seven pearls braceletSeven pearls bracelet

Seven pearls bracelet


Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Wrists

Our finely designed bracelets come with a story of ultimate elegance and individuality. They are carefully crafted with precision and intricate details, becoming more than just accessories to your outfit but a true expression of your unique style. From sleek and sophisticated designs to dainty layering additions, each bracelet is a testament to craftsmanship and passion woven into every link. Whether you’re looking for your next every-day bracelet or to make a statement, our collection of unique bracelets will help to polish off any outfit with distinctive sparkle.

All our jewellery is carefully designed and handcrafted in the UK. Each piece is made with semi-precious components to ensure long-lasting jewellery.

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