Epoxy heart barbellEpoxy heart barbell

Epoxy heart barbell

Apple barbellApple barbell

Apple barbell

Cherry barbellCherry barbell

Cherry barbell

Fresh water pearl barbell - NABILONDONFresh water pearl barbell - NABILONDON

Fresh water pearl barbell

From £70
Leaf barbell - NABILONDONLeaf barbell - NABILONDON

Leaf barbell

Hook barbell - NABILONDONHook barbell - NABILONDON

Hook barbell

White flower barbell - NABILONDONWhite flower barbell - NABILONDON

White flower barbell

Peach moonstone barbell - NABILONDONPeach moonstone barbell - NABILONDON

Peach moonstone barbell

Labradorite barbellLabradorite barbell

Labradorite barbell

Cupid arrow barbellCupid arrow barbell

Cupid arrow barbell

Scissors barbellScissors barbell

Scissors barbell

Rainbow wing barbellRainbow wing barbell

Rainbow wing barbell

Crystal wing barbell - NABILONDONCrystal wing barbell - NABILONDON

Crystal wing barbell


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