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Article: Here Are Some Great Ways to Care For Your Fine Jewelry!


Here Are Some Great Ways to Care For Your Fine Jewelry!

When caring for fine jewelry, one of the biggest issues anyone can face is tarnishing.

Tarnishing is a natural chemical reaction that happens with metals. It's a very thin layer of corrosion that happens on the outermost layer of copper, sterling silver, and the like. Airborne pollutants, dust, moisture, and oxygen are the biggest proponents of this. This causes jewelry to oxidize and tarnish. When jewelry has this thin layer of corrosion, it often looks dull, gray or black. 

Sometimes it's used as a way to give silver jewelry an antique look or just as a means of design, but for the most part, it's just problematic.

Understandably, a vast majority of people would rather their jewelry didn't tarnish. Here are some tips on taking care of fine jewelry to prevent tarnishing:

Always Put Jewelry On Last

Lots of washing products and body lotions can speed up tarnishing on jewelry. They contain chemicals that are harmful to your jewelry. So if you wear jewelry on a regular basis, it is best to get used to putting on all your jewelry last, as your final step in getting dressed.

Don't Wear Jewelry All the Time

There are certain moments when jewelry is best left in the box, such as:

  • When you're asleep
  • When you're cleaning (cleaning products can damage jewelry/it could get tangled somewhere)
  • When you're exercising/working out
  • When you're going to a salon for a hair appointment
  • When you're in the shower
  • When you're swimming
  • When you're taking a bath
  • When you're tanning in the sun

Give It A Quick Clean

Cleaning your jewelry after each wear can remove dirt, makeup, and oil from your skin, and prevent tarnish from forming on jewelry. Before storing your jewelry, make sure that it is completely dry.

Use A Button

When it comes to the storage of ear studs or tiny earrings, a good way to keep pairs together is by using a button.

Use Chalk Or Silica

If you keep a piece of chalk or a bag of silica inside your jewelry box, it will help remove moisture from the air in the box. After about two months, get rid of the used silica and replace it with a new one.

Use A Jewelry Box

When you are not wearing your silver jewelry, it is best to keep it in a closed container to prevent rusting and tarnishing. Jewelry boxes with separate compartments are the best, so everything is accessible from the same place. That way, careful protection is paired with maintaining the beauty of the jewels.

Use A Straw

This tip is especially useful when you’re traveling, but it’s also a great way to store your chain necklaces by default. How many times have you gone for a necklace only to find it all tangled up? Open the clasp of the necklace, slip half of the necklace through the straw, then pull the other half out of the other side of the straw. Close the clasp again.

It's important to take care of fine jewelry so that it lasts for a long time. These tips can help make that happen, prolonging the lifespan of fine jewelry so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

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