The Awesome Symbolisms and Meanings of Butterfly Jewellery

Beauty and fashion enthusiasts have regularly worn jewellery because of its popularity as a beauty accessory. However, many use it every day without realising the symbolic meaning or history of many famous designs. 

It’s interesting to note that many jewellery designers base their creations on ancient symbolism, resulting in icons that transcend time and are recognised in different nations.

The butterfly is a well-known and well-liked animal theme in jewellery, fashion, and art. Butterflies have been associated with happiness and beauty and have also added life and movement to artistic creations. 

Get to know butterflies on a deeper level and what they symbolise in the sections below. 

The Symbolism of the Butterfly Found in Different Cultures

A butterfly is a universal symbol that transcends nations and generations. 

  • Japan: In Japan, it is a symbol of a young woman. When butterflies are observed fluttering together, it represents family happiness ni Japanese culture. 

Also, if you see a butterfly in your room behind a bamboo tree, it symbolises that the person you love is coming to see you. Be advised, though, that a white butterfly denotes the spirit of the deceased.

  • China: When two butterflies are spotted flying together in China, it symbolises love. They also believe that when a butterfly lands on you, it signifies good fortune. These winged creatures are associated with immortality, a wealth of leisure, joy, and summer in Chinese culture.
  • Ancient Greece: The butterfly was associated with the Ancient Greek goddess Psyche, whose name means soul. Psyche is said to have appeared as a girl with butterfly wings during the time. That’s why the butterfly in Ancient Greek culture represents the soul’s immortality.
  • Mexico: The butterfly was once identified with Xochipilla, the Prince of Flowers, the God of Vegetation, Spring, and Love in Ancient Mexico. The butterfly was also associated with the sun by the ancient Mexicans, and it became a sign of a waving fire. 

The butterfly also represents the souls of mothers who died during childbirth in Mexican culture.

  • America: Native Americans believe that if they catch a butterfly and say their request to it before releasing it, the butterfly will fly and inform the Great Spirit to grant their wish. Butterfly legend is well-known amongst Native Americans who believe that they may help children who refuse to walk. 

As mentioned in the myth, a few pebbles were hurled into the sky to assist newborns in walking, and as they spread, they transformed into lovely and colourful butterflies. 

Butterflies are also released after the wedding ceremony as a sign of tremendous love and happiness for the newlyweds, as is customary in the United States at weddings.

Butterfly Symbolism on Jewellery

Based on the general knowledge of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a chrysalis and subsequently a beautiful butterfly, the butterfly becomes a symbol of rebirth and transition. This is how butterfly jewellery symbolises personal growth and a fresh start, new hope, or new beginnings. 

Butterflies are also associated with the arrival of spring and signify the beauty of symmetry, pattern, colour, and shape. They are a powerful emblem of transformation. Everyone will experience change and transition, and that’s one of the reasons why so many people enjoy wearing butterfly-themed accessories.

Wearing Beauty with Meaning

Butterflies are a marvel of nature because they begin as one thing and turn into another. This is why butterfly symbolism resonates with people in some way. Nothing compares to the joy, beauty, metamorphosis, and vitality of these magnificent, brilliant, and colourful living beings. 

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