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Article: What Jewellery to Choose Based on Your Skin Tone


What Jewellery to Choose Based on Your Skin Tone

Your jewellery is often one of the things people notice about your outfit. They provide focal points to your whole getup and complement your style in so many ways.

Although it's highly suggested to wear jewellery pieces you love, it's also essential that they match your skin tone. After all, fine jewellery varies in colour, and each person has a unique style to their skin.

However, matching a piece of jewellery to your skin tone can be challenging as there are a few colours to choose from. In addition, each person's skin tone is unique, so it's essential to know more about different shades of it. Otherwise, you end up like a clown with mismatched jewellery.

Here are ways to choose fine jewellery that matches your skin tone:

Cool Skin Tones

When you say cool skin tone, it means you have a green, blue, grey or rosy undertone in your skin. People with these skin tones do better with silver, platinum, or rose gold jewellery. The reason for this is that these metals complement the coolness of your skin tone instead of providing a crashing contrast.

Nonetheless, you can still experiment with gold jewellery with a cool skin tone. If you find it too warm, think of mixing the pieces with silver or rose gold.

Warm Skin Tones

This skin tone is defined by the red or pink undertones you have. Unlike cool skin tones, warm skin tones may not do too well with silver jewellery. Instead, you may want to go for yellow gold pieces to mellow down your look.

While most people with these skin tones go for gold jewellery, it doesn't mean you don't have other options if you don't want to wear it. You can use rose gold instead. It may be a little less flashy than yellow gold, but it will still complement your skin tone.

You can also add a lot of contrast to your jewellery. For example, consider pieces with rubies and other precious gemstones if you want to wear silver.

Neutral Skin Tones

A neutral skin tone entails having neither a reddish nor bluish undertone. Neutral skin tones are not only easy to match, but they are also the most common. You can match almost any jewellery colour, although some are better matches than others.

A suggestion would be trying on a palladium or platinum ring. These are perfect as they are not too flashy on the skin.

Another trick is to mix and match your jewellery to see what works best for you, like a ring with a small stone and oversized hoop earrings. This is because people with this skin tone have more options. 

Choose Your Jewellery Now! 

Fine jewellery pieces come in many colours, shapes and sizes. These qualities make them attractive to wear. However, you'll need to know how to match them to your skin tone. 

These tips can easily match your skin tone to fine jewellery. You can add it to your outfits, and nobody will tell you're wearing the wrong colour piece.

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