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Article: 6 Jewellery Care Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Gems


6 Jewellery Care Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Gems

Now that summer is right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about keeping your jewellery safe, especially if you plan on wearing more jewellery during warmer weather.

To protect your investment and make sure your jewellery stays in good condition, here are ten jewellery safety tips to ensure you avoid damage to your jewellery.

When to Remove Jewellery

Your jewellery is not always safe from things you can't control, such as the summer heat and other environmental factors. Here's when you should take them off:

Before Swimming

When you are swimming, your jewellery is prone to breaking from the pressure of your body. This is especially true for necklaces and bracelets.

Before a Workout

When doing your daily workout routine or lifting weights, you should take your jewellery off. The same goes for if you are going for a run.

Before Applying Sunscreen or Bug Spray

You should take off any jewellery before applying sunscreens or bug sprays. This will prevent them from breaking and becoming damaged.

Before Going Into a Hot Tub

You can damage your jewellery by letting it come in contact with the chemicals that are in hot tubs. If you wear jewellery in the tub and it touches the substances, it can become discoloured.

Before Gardening or Playing in the Sand

If you are playing in the sand or gardening, you should take your jewellery off to prevent it from getting caught or damaged by the dirt and sand.

Under Direct Sunlight

Check your jewellery under direct sunlight to see if it is discolouring. If it is, it shows that it is not stainless steel, so you should remove it until the discolouring goes away.

In Cold Water

Your jewellery is also at risk while you are in cold water. It is going to cause damage to your jewellery, so you should take it off.

How to Care for Jewellery

Here are some tips on how to better care for your jewellery:

Clean Jewellery Regularly

Keeping your jewellery clean will ensure that it stays in good condition. Take a soft toothbrush to clean your jewellery gently. Make sure the bristles are smooth, not stiff.

Keep Jewellery Away From Chemicals

If you plan on doing any cleaning around the house, you should keep your jewellery away from the chemicals to ensure they don't become discoloured.

Store Jewellery in a Safe Place

To prevent any accidental damage to your jewellery, store it in a safe place when it's not in use. You can keep it in a jewellery box in your room or put it in a drawer.

Watch for Signs of Vulnerability

If you wear a lot of bracelets, they may start to become discoloured or feel stiff and brittle. If you notice these things, you should take them off right away.

Have Loose Gem Stones, Prongs, and Clasps Fixed

Loose gemstones, prongs, and clasps signify that your jewellery is not in good condition. These things can make your jewellery unstable, so this is something you will want to have fixed by a professional.

Have Your Valued Jewellery Insured

To ensure your jewellery is safe, you should have it insured. This way, if anything does happen to it, you can get it fixed or buy a new one.

Follow Safety Tips

If you want to protect your jewellery and make sure it stays in good condition, it's best to follow these jewellery safety tips. They will ensure that your jewellery is cleaned properly and not put in any dangerous situations.

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