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Article: The Perfect Fit: How You Can Find the Comfortable Ring


The Perfect Fit: How You Can Find the Comfortable Ring

There is no such thing as perfect ring size. Every finger is different, and even the same finger can be a different size at other times of the day. The best way to find your perfect ring size is to try a few different sizes and see what feels comfortable.

Double-checking a London ring size chart is always a good idea, even if you know your ring size. It will ensure that your ring fits comfortably and that you do not have to worry about slipping off or being too tight.

Everyday things like what you eat and drink, how much sleep you get, and the weather can affect how much water you retain. It might cause your fingers to swell and your rings to feel tighter.

Go to a Professional Ring Sizing

As you shop for rings, it is essential to remember that ring sizes are not always accurate. The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to go to a professional jewellery shop and check the London ring size chart. 

Getting your finger professionally sized means going to a jewellery store and having an experienced sales clerk measure your finger. However, even with experienced sales clerks, mistakes can still be made. Getting sized for a ring is quick and easy, ensuring you get a comfortable fit. So, next time you shop for rings, be sure to go to a professional and get sized.

A person's weight can cause a change in ring size. If a person loses weight, their fingers may become slimmer, and a ring that fits before may become loose. If a person gains weight, their fingers may become thicker, and a ring that fits before may become tight. In either case, having a professional jeweller measure your finger is best to determine the correct ring size. 

The season can also affect ring size. During the winter, fingers may become swollen from the cold weather, and a ring that fits during the summer may become tight. In the summer, fingers may become shrunken from the heat, and a ring that fits during the winter may become loose. Again, having a professional jeweller measure your finger is best to determine the correct ring size.

Get Sized After Lunch but Before Dinner

If you want to see the London ring size chart, it is best to do it after lunch, but before dinner, because your fingers will be slightly swollen from the food you have eaten. However, they will not be too swollen from the day's heat. There is no perfect time of day to be sized for a ring. However, mid to late afternoon tends to be when most people's fingers are at their largest because our bodies go through natural changes in size and shape throughout the day, and our fingers are no exception. 

It is best to avoid getting the size first thing in the morning or right before bed if you can. Our bodies are usually at their most minor first thing in the morning, swelling as the day progresses. So, if you can, aim for an afternoon appointment. 

Of course, everyone is different, and there are no hard and fast rules. If you cannot make it to a late afternoon appointment, do not worry. Just try to avoid having your fingers measured at their absolute smallest.

Final thoughts

Keep a few things in mind when having your ring fitted. First, make sure you go to a reputable jeweller who has experience with ring sizing. Second, be patient - the process may take a little time, but it is worth it to get a comfortable fit. 

If you want the perfect fit, which means the comfortable one, you should visit Nabi London. We know the London ring size chart like the back of our hand, so we will make the ring shopping experience perfect. So, visit our store now!

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