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Article: Cubic zirconia : All that you need to know ❤️

Cubic zirconia : All that you need to know ❤️ - NABILONDON

Cubic zirconia : All that you need to know ❤️

The Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic and mostly colourless gemstone made from the crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. Although it’s scarce, it might also appear in nature in the mineral baddeleyite. The gems for the cubic zirconia jewellery are made synthetically.

Cubic Zirconia is considered the best alternative to the diamond. It is cheap but has aesthetic and exquisite looks as it is made in the lab while diamonds are found naturally.

Cubic flower earrings

How is Cubic Zirconia synthesised?

Here's the science. The synthesis of Cubic zirconia consists of melting zirconium oxide powder along with stabilisers like calcium and magnesium. The temperature is set around 2,750ºC, usually. Once the crystals are passed through extreme heat for many hours, they are removed and allowed to cool and stabilise.

Then the crystals are polished and cut according to the design. Each laboratory has its methods for synthesising and designing cubic zirconia.

What is the value of Cubic Zirconia, and is it worth it?

Cubic Zirconia is a lot cheaper if you compare it with diamonds and is totally worth the money and quality. You can realise this by understanding the fact that 1 carat round ring of Cubic Zirconia will cost you around £10 while the same ring of Diamond will cost you around £2500. The 1.5-carat princess cut diamond ring can cost around £7500! while the same 1.5-carat ring of Cubic Zirconia costs around £50. As we increase the carat, the prices keep increasing, and the gap between the two goes on increasing.

Cubic wing barbell made of 14k solid gold

The beauty of Cubic Zirconia

There are many people who love to buy Cubic Zirconias due to its exquisite beauty and to get a substitute for a diamond at a relatively low price. Obviously, as diamond is costly, people choose to go with cubic zirconia due to its quality at an affordable price. The real feature that affects the beauty of Cubic Zirconia is its cut, i.e., how much light can reflect through it into your eyes. Although the Cubic Zirconia’s cut cannot be compared to diamonds, it is still pretty good if you want to get a charming look. Cubic Zirconia also has an efficient dispersion rate, which gives it the ability to reflect optimum light.

You might be surprised to know, but they are rated using a unique method. The lowest quality is A, while the best ones are AAAAA. And obviously, the better the quality, the more the price and greater value in the market.

This rating system is based on four Cs, i.e., Cut, Colour, Carat, and Clarity. These four Cs are used to determine the quality of Cubic Zirconia as well as Diamond.


Overall, the Cubic Zirconia offers a great deal in market value due to its affordable price, quality, and exquisite features. Many people cannot buy diamonds, but they have a pretty good alternative for that, and that is Cubic Zirconia. That is why many people love to buy Cubic Zirconia.

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