What makes the best birthday gift?

Looking for a meaningful birthday gift for a special someone in your life; be it your parent, grandparent, partner, sibling or even your cute little child? Let us tell you that  jewellery makes the perfect birthday gift. With lots of options available online on Nabilondon, you will find a diverse and trendy range of jewellery that is thoughtful and beautifully crafted with a personal touch. If you want to choose something affectionate for your loved ones on their birthday, you would find the best birthday gifts online at Nabilondon that they will cherish forever. Or if you're spoilt for choice we also have gift cards available.

How to select the best jewellery birthday gift for them?

The most significant element in selecting a birthday gift is thoughtfulness. You should select the jewellery as a birthday gift that is meaningful and also complements your loved one's style. There's a lot of trendy choices to choose from these days and this article should hopefully help you get started with some ideas that may inspire you. 

One of the simplest ways to find a loved one's jewellery style for a birthday gift is to note the kind of jewellery they love to wear usually. Note what they tend to wear every day or on special occasions. View their pictures, or secretly peep through their jewellery box. Make a note of what you find on the style or colour. 

Nonetheless, the following are some of the key factors to help you choose the best birthday gift for them easily. 

CHERRY EARRINGS - 14k solid gold
CHERRY EARRINGS £250, made of 14k Solid gold 
  • What kind of metal?
  •  What kind of metal does your loved one like? Do they typically own gold, silver, or rose gold jewellery? If you are doubtful, think of their skin tone to help you choose the metal. Silver or white gold seems brilliant on fair skin, and yellow gold makes a gorgeous option for darker skin tones. Rose gold usually complements all skin tones.

    When it comes to ears its extremely important to get the material right. Some people have certain allergies to particular metals. It's rare, but there are a few people who have allergies to even silver, which is predominantly used in earrings. Nickel is normally the main culprit and at NabiLondon we don't use any nickel in any of our jewellery, so you can be reassured when deciding your gift. So do find out, it's best to be safe than sorry.

    FLORAL HUGGIES £98, made of 14k solid gold. Choose from opal, turquoise.
  • Coloured diamonds or gemstones 
  •  Does the birthday person own plenty of diamond jewellery, or do they love coloured gemstones? Perhaps you'll notice they carry their favourite colour often, which may help you select their birthday gift.

    Bold Chucky hoops

    BOLD CHUNKY HOOPS £35, made of 925 sterling silver for the bold and beautiful in all of us.

  • Bold or subtle?
  • Every personality owns its unique style preference. Perhaps the person loves to pair a bright and bold necklaces with their work outfit, or maybe they frequently wear a simple bangle bracelet for an elegant, timeless look. You can have a wide range of possibilities for all tastes.

    Double triangle earrings made of 925 sterling silver
    DOUBLE TRIANGLE EARRINGS £15, made of 925 sterling silver. Extremely popular and stylish without being too over bearing, a safe bet for any gift giver.
  • What kind of jewellery?
  • Some individuals just like to stick to some specific kinds of jewellery. For instance, they may only wear earrings and no bracelets. Observe the kind of jewellery you often see them wearing day in, day out. Make a note of their necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings. If they always wear a mix, chances are you have many options to choose from as a birthday gift for them.

    The best choices for a jewellery birthday gift include:


    Final Thoughts

    Jewellery carries substantial meaning for most people and is something to be cherished for their whole life.  If you have chosen jewellery that speaks to your loved one’s heart from yours, know that you have chosen the best birthday gift for them. 

    Love, Nabi x